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Do Escorts accept credit cards or only cash?

Posted on: 03, Apr 2019

Technology is advancing day-by-day and so are people. People have started searching alternatives for different basic things. For example, mode of transaction is changing today. Nobody likes carrying huge bundles of cash with themselves. Moreover, it is not even safe to do so. The government is encouraging people to start adopting for cashless alternatives like e-wallets, credit cards, UPI transactions etc. Today the payment sector is booming with credit card and debit card services. The newest ones to join the bandwagon are Apple pay, Google pay and many others. People don’t even need to swipe their cards in machines anymore, they can simply tap the card on the machine and voila! Payment is successful.

But, what about the escort agencies? Or the independent escorts? There are several questions that lurk behind the mind regarding mode of transaction in case of escort agencies. People now prefer doing digital transactions because it can be done through an app on our phones. There are no hassles regarding change or running out of cash. Just keep your phone with yourself and make the payment. The question arises again. Do escorts accept credit card or only cash? Well the answer is yes. However, all this is not so easy for escorts that take credit card. Normally for merchants, the bank processing fees for credit cards is 2%. The escort agencies are classified as high-risk organizations, therefore certain local bank and e-wallet giants like PayPal don’t process such payments. Nevertheless, there are some merchant companies that accept high-risk agencies. But there is a catch. The processing fee is about 8-10%. However, this can be overcome at the cost of customer’s choice of card. There are two types of card payments:

  • Virtual
  • Terminal

In case of virtual card payments, the payment is done over the internet. While in case of terminal, the payment is made with the card in machine by input of pin and verifying chip. In case of customers, those who prefer terminal payments face a drawback here. In such case, the customer cannot claim his money back because the PIN is considered to be entered by him and he has the sole knowledge about the PIN. Whereas in case of online payments, the payment can be charged back by the client!


You might think, the company can do the business like any other company and do transactions like any regular commercial organization. There is a certain amount of risk that is involved in it. The credit card processors take the card passed by the machine and it shows that the money is transacted for personal services. After that the required charges are levied. Such credit card processors don’t enforce any rules and regulations. However, if they realize that the account has been used for incorrect methods like soliciting 24 hour escorts London, the account is seized with effect. Moreover, the money in account can also be seized.

One must also understand that in various countries soliciting prostitution is illegal no matter escort services are free to operate. In such cases, if the escort agency accepts card payment from the client and then pays the London credit card escorts their payment. It would imply they are managing prostitution.

However, no escort agency has been prosecuted only for management of prostitution by accepting direct payments. There are certain other factors that contribute to their prosecution. For example: renting out flats to escorts, providing them with time slots and various other things. At present, escort agencies have hired drivers. These drivers have credit card processors. They directly go with the escorts that take credit cards and take terminal card payments. Certain escort agencies have online payment services, but they seldom use it as they fear about payment retractions. Therefore, direct acceptance of credit card for payment is mostly preferred by escort agencies.

For escorts that take credit cards, downloading an application on mobile phone and using it is not so easy. There are numerous hardships that they face in doing what we do easily. They have to keep in mind certain things like:

– Ensuring the account is not closed for not violating the end-user agreement.
– Protect their privacy.
– Ensuring safety so that no fund retraction is issued by the bank.

Therefore, for 24-hour escorts London, managing such things are not possible solely. Hence,they sought refuge of strip clubs some time or the other. After all they don’t have the privilege of hiring law professionals at least.

Therefore, if you are in search of London credit card escorts, you can find them at ease. They shall be accepting credit cards readily. However, you might have to haggle for online payments a little bit as they fear about charge backs. Nevertheless, at reasonable charges, you can find yourself suitable 24-hourescorts London.

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