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How to Hire an Escort Safely While Traveling

Posted on: 14, May 2020

Travelling for business leaves little time for a social life. If you’re a busy businessman or woman, hiring an escort is a no-strings way to get companionship. Depending on the level of interaction you need, there are many options out there.

Some options, however, are safer than others. As in any industry, there are unscrupulous service providers out there, and stories of travellers being robbed or blackmailed aren’t uncommon. That’s why we’re dedicating this post to hiring an escort safely while travelling.


Work with a Reputable Agency

Hiring through an agency is no guarantee of safety, but it’s a step in the right direction. You can find women through the classifieds or with their websites, but it’s a gamble. Unless you have a personal referral from someone you trust, it’s better to work with a professional escort service.


Why it’s Better to Work with an Agency

An agency manages a number of contractors. If a client complains, the contractor receives a black mark against their name. Should the agency receive too many complaints, they’ll drop the contractor.

Agencies typically set the professional standard for escort careers. The manager will often mentor the ladies to ensure that the clients get the best service. Professional escort services insist upon discretion from their workers.

Should one agency blackball a contractor, she’ll find it hard to work for another. The threat of not being able to work will keep most contractors in line.

How to See if the Agency is Any Good

Start by checking out the reviews of the agency and the escort that you’d like to meet online. Disreputable agencies usually show up pretty fast because of complaints. Firms to avoid are those with complaints about hidden fees and bad service.

Next, see if there are any comments online about the escort you plan to hire. If there are many complaints, it doesn’t bode well for the companion or the agency. A firm that cares about its reputation would get rid of a poor performer quickly.

Try running an image search using the picture of the escort on the website. Scammers often “borrow” photographs from legitimate firms to reel in the unsuspecting.

Also, see how old the agency is, if it’s clear about pricing, and how professional the website looks. Unscrupulous operators often change their names if there are too many complaints against them.

Another thing to check is whether the website is transparent about pricing. They should, at the least, explain the hourly rate clearly. A good website will list the price on the picture of the escort.

Does the Service Suit Your Needs?

Your final check is to see whether or not the service suits your needs. Do the Los Angeles escorts on their books have the look that you want? What services do they offer? Does their pricing fit your budget?

Final Notes

Staying safe while travelling is easier if you understand the risks. Hiring an escort unaffiliated with an agency could prove risky for you. It’s far better to stick with established agencies that offer outstanding service.

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