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Prostitution in England

Posted on: 07, Jun 2021

England is the land of permissible selling of love. Prostitution here is a socially condemned phenomenon, but almost completely legal. Selling love for money is allowed. Working in a brothel is allowed. Visiting a client is also permitted. Only the organization of brothels and the sale of oneself on the street is prohibited.


The only risk for the clientele remains criminal penalties for having sex with a prostitute if she is dragged into this activity against her will. Naturally, it is also illegal to involve her in this business. In all other respects, in principle, there are no risks neither for clients nor for prostitutes.


London in this regard is not Amsterdam or Berlin, if only because brothels are not advertised. Naturally, they are. But since they are illegal, no one is standing in the windows and no flyers are handed out along the streets. The police often turn a blind eye to the brothels themselves, because brothels solve more problems than they create.


The prostitutes themselves have repeatedly asked to decriminalize the organization of brothels, as they are much safer in the “co-op” than alone. The debate is still going on, but there is no result. As a result, society came to a kind of consensus, as with soft drugs: it is not allowed, but nobody is caught especially. Police raids are sporadic. They have removed almost all the street prostitutes, at least in London. As for the rest of the large cities, it is not yet clear but it seems that prostitution is rapidly decreasing, judging by the statistics.


How does society react to the industry? In 2008 there was a survey. In general, people are quite negative about prostitution:

Paying for sex should be considered a crime: agree – 44%.

Paying for sex is the exploitation of women, but it should not be considered a crime: agree – 21%

Paying for sex is not at all the exploitation of women and should not be considered a crime:

agree – 17%

Paying for sex is not at all the exploitation of women, but it should be considered a crime:

agree – 8%.


In short, public opinion was divided both on the line of perception of the topic and on the issue of decriminalization. Because of this, prostitutes themselves are the first to suffer. Judging by the anonymous polls, they are embarrassed to use free medicine, because it is inconvenient for them to tell their profession. The problem is purely social, but it exists. They are also afraid to contact the police on a number of issues, even working in a legal position and paying fairly high taxes. Plus, the police have a rather negative attitude towards prostitutes and their problems. Well, what do you want, you are a prostitute! Another problem is the fact that in a brothel raid, the police receive 50% of all confiscated funds. So this is just a heaven for corruption. Surely brothels pay off if they can. And they definitely can, because the revenue of one London brothel for 5-7 people over the weekend reaches tens of thousands of pounds.


Social portrait of a prostitute

Usually a woman. There are quite a few men and transgender people. Most likely, he has experience in the social sphere (teacher, educator, medical worker, etc.).  More than 70% got a job as a prostitute because of money. 6% of the immigrant prostitutes were brought in illegally and the remaining 94% came on their own.


Contrary to the popular myth, the prevalence of alcohol and drugs in this profession in England is exactly the same as in other occupations (except for finance, drinking cocaine from Monday to Friday). The first item of expenses of a prostitute is the maintenance of the family and home, the second is the payment of higher education. About 40% of all prostitutes are immigrants. Most of these immigrants are from central Europe (Czech women, for example), the second-largest group is immigrants from various developed EU countries, then the Baltic, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Asia, Africa, etc.



The average income of a prostitute before taxes is 8000 pounds per month with 25 clients per week. The average cost per hour is £ 80. So, in my opinion, the main reason for going into prostitution is the high income.


The cost of studying at Oxford for one year is 9000 pounds. In total, for the holidays you can earn money not only for Oxford but also save it for old age. Website prices for London escort start at £ 50 and go up to £ 250-300 per hour. It is clear that the younger Mademoiselle, the higher the rates. But even average incomes are quite high. And yes, men earn a lot more than women. About 300-400 pounds per hour. The market decides. So the most profitable male profession in London is not in finance. A gigolo with experience and clientele makes more money than a prime minister. Truthfully, they work better. And more. And the lady clients vote for them with two feet.


Sex as an industry

The total turnover in England is about 6 billion pounds. That’s a lot. Therefore, the debate about the introduction of brothels into the legal zone does not subside. After all, no one cancelled the 17% profit tax.


Now all prostitutes work as individual entrepreneurs. Individual entrepreneurs tend to understate income, overstate expenses and generally do not want to pay a lot of taxes. Plus they take the cash whenever possible. And the cash is easy to hide.


The legality of sex and the illegality of brothels take bizarre forms. For example, a cup of coffee is only £ 60. A girl (or a young man) goes as a gift, or you can eat a croissant before a long day in the City. About saunas, massage parlors, clubs, and other things, and so it is clear. This is already the norm.


In conclusion, I would say that legalization and decriminalization have significantly improved the position of escort workers, and essentially all costs shifted onto the shoulders of bona fide buyers, who also seem happy.

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