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Why Escorts Choose To Work For Us?

Posted on: 10, Jun 2019

If you are considering becoming an escort, we can right away tell you that it is a rewarding profession and one can earn a lot of money on a weekly basis. For young, college girls, women and others who are good looking and have the right attitude, this is the best profession. As a would-be escort, you have two options right away, one is to go solo (independent escorts) or sign up with an escort agency. Both have their pros and cons.

Being an independent escort is challenging and many women who get started eventually opt out because of the lack of business. Whereas when your services are represented by an agency it becomes a lot easier and also encouraging.

Which agency to join?

There are several agencies in London and choosing the right one can be a daunting process. Not all agencies are what they say because some may offer great support to you and there are some agencies that take advantage of you and leave you in the lurch. Choosing the right one to partner with makes all the difference for your escort career. Agency London Jewels is a premium escort agency that is constantly inviting women to join their escort brigade. They make it easier for the client and the escort with friendly payment options like encouraging credit card for escorts hiring.

Why does Agency London Jewels stand apart?

As with any type of business there are some and good and bad with escort agencies as well. There are some agencies that are run really well and function as a regular and professional business. There are some agencies that cheat the escorts and the client as well. You need to be really smart while making your decision to demarcate between these two types of agencies.

We are a lovely agency that treat women with respect, mentor them and help them to earn a handsome income. We encourage you in every way possible and will be supportive of all your efforts. We do have some personal advice for you if you are looking for an escort agency and also the reasons why escorts prefer to work with us. Just read through below.

  • You do your research: When you are scouring the internet for escort agencies you will find several of them promising the moon to you. However, a reputable agency will first ask for an in-person interview with you. Even if the agency does not suggest you should ask for one. There are two reasons why we do this as a religious practice. Meeting us will give you a good feeling of the people you are going to be working with and also develop the trust quotient. Take this opportunity to ask all the questions that you have and we will be happy to answer them for you.
  • The moolah: If you have decided to work as an escort then you have taken a very bold step. However, the most important factor that is driving you towards this profession is the money involved. You may come across several ads saying you can earn £4,000 per week and so on. Let us tell you that we do not make false promises, and you will earn based on your potential. However, from our side we will do everything possible to maximize your income.
  • How will you get paid?: Our agency encourages the customer to use their escort credit card in London so that it is a hassle free experience for the client and as well as the escort. Oncewe charge the customer using escort credit card in London, we will credit the payment accordingly to you on a weekly basis or even daily basis. It is your wish how you want to get paid.

The benefits of working with Agency London Jewels

We will be brief about the benefits we offer to our London escorts without sounding boastful. When we hire as one of our team members we ensure that you are always in business. We take care of all your marketing and promotional needs. If you are worth the buck then we go all the way to promote your individual services. We create your profile and make it attractive for the customer. We have good team of photographers who can make you look like a gorgeous diva through shooting your pictures professionally. Albeit, we do not post false pictures and do not make you look like a person who you are not. We do the website promotion to attract customers and ensure constant business.


These are some of the top reasons why escorts choose to work with us. If you are planning to join an escort agency, just give us a call at Agency London Escorts and we will be happy to review your profile. Just reach out to us and then you can sit back and relax.

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